Featured: Salón Escópica, 2019, CDMX, México.

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As you might noticed we let the retail sales on your hands. 

We focus our energy on the manufacturing and distribution of high quality handcrafted goods, delivering ready to sell product without getting in your way so you can make the sales.

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If you become one of our stockist w'll provide you with everything you need.

Relevant stories on products and texts about manufacturing process, also a bast photo gallery is available for web and print media.  


Although we are not in direct contact with the final customer, we constantly think of it as the gas of our engine, we know that happy customers makes a happy store and a happy store makes us happy. Each of our products has its own story therefore its own packaging, we always hope give a joyful surprise to you and your costumers when purchasing any And Jacob product.

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Featured: Quimera, Paulina Lopez, Leon GTO. México.

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